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Corona HTML5 Node Kit

Build Corona HTML5 plugins using NodeJS, NPM, and modern JavaScript.



Install NodeJS for macOS or Windows.

The "Kit"

npm install -g @develephant/corona-html5-node-kit

The CLI will available globally via command line as coronakit.


The Corona HTML5 Node Kit is a highly opinionated framework and command line tool for creating Corona HTML5 plugins using NodeJS and modern JavaScript (ES6).

As a developer, you also have access to the npm package library that can be used in your plugin development.

The "Kit" is geared toward developers who have a background in writing modern JavaScript, and working with NodeJS in particular.

The "Kit" has been setup to compile your plugin source down to ES5 against browser engines that will work with Corona HTML5 projects*.

The current compilation targets are:


  • IE (11+)
  • Edge (14+)
  • Firefox (48+)
  • Chrome (49+)
  • Safari (10+)
  • Opera (50+)


  • iOS Safari/Chrome (10+)
  • Chrome Android (64+)
  • Firefox Android (57+)

* Targets are determined from here and here, under the "Usage relative" section.


Click here to watch a screencast overview.