User permissions

The AWS user must have the proper S3 permissons. In particular the following permissions are required for the S3 Lite plugin:

  • DeleteObject
  • GetObject
  • ListAllMyBuckets
  • ListBucket
  • PutObject
  • PutObjectAcl

You can add these when creating a IAM user, or as an S3 policy file.


For testing, when creating a IAM user, you can use the canned policy AmazonS3FullAccess.

Android file restrictions

When working with Android, make sure you understand the file restrictions. You can find more information in the Corona documentation by clicking here.

In the documentaion, there is a reference to a copyFile method. As a convenience, this method is available in the S3 Lite plugin and can be accessed like so:

s3.utils.copyFile(srcName, srcPath, dstName, dstPath, overwrite)

Slow responses

Depending on network conditions, device, and file size there can be a number of seconds delay between issuing a command to S3, and the actual response.