The ultimate cloud sidekick for your Corona apps and games

An all-in-one Lua application server built specifically for Corona developers.

Extend your applications into the cloud with Mongo and MySQL databases, secure file transfers and storage, dynamic public facing web pages, user management, analytics, email, and more; all customizable using a ridiculously simple Lua based api.

Use the Coronium Core Corona plugin for most tasks without ever writing a line of code on the server. When you need to take it to the next level, create custom server-side apis with Lua for complex data driven applications.

With the Coronium Core all-in-one server, you own and control your data, with an easy to use custom built solution for Corona developers.

Coronium Core is officially supported only on DigitalOcean and AWS EC2 hosting environments. Other environments may work, but are not supported.

This documentation is current for Coronium Core 2.2.0