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Collects various application and device metrics. Analytics are stored within application scopes. Please see Application Scope in the Client Guide for more information.

Screencast Available

Learn about collecting metrics in a screencast format by Clicking here.

When using the appOpened method (see below), a number of pieces of information are collected about the environment in which the application is running in. It also tracks each time the application is accessed per device and application scope.


Logs an "opened" event and auto-populates application meta data.[listener])


Name Description Type Required
listener An optional listener callback function. Function N

Collected Meta Data

The appOpened method automatically collects the following meta data and stores it in the analytics database.

Name Description Example
name The application name as reported by Corona FunRun
country_code The originating country code, if any. US
model The device model the application is running on. iPhone
platform The platform the application is running on. ios
platform_ver The platform version the application is running on. 10.12.6
version The application version string as reported by Corona.
manufacturer The device manufacturer the application is running on. Apple
screen_h The screen pixel height as reported by Corona. 480
screen_w The screen pixel width as reported by Corona. 320
corona_build The Corona build the application is running on. 2017.3126
added The timestamp of when the application was opened in UTC format. 2017-01-01 12:00:00

Viewing Analytics

You can view both the access and device statistics in the Webmin.