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Application Scope

Screencast Available

Learn about application scopes in a screencast format by Clicking here.

Coronium Core supports multiple applications. Each Coronium Core based Corona application must have an "application scope" to allow for individual users and metrics. This allows you to filter users and metrics per application.

Setting Up Scopes

The application scope is set in the core.init method on the client-side in your Corona application.

It is important to choose a short but descriptive application scope name that is unique from your other application scopes.

Don't Change The Scope!

Once the scope is set, do not change it for that particular application. If you do, you will lose user and metric associations.


  server = "",
  key = "03624656-ca90-11e7-b8d4-fb59abeb4c03",
  scope = "Space Race"

Once you have set the scope, all Users and Analytics module methods will be scoped to that specfic application, which you can use to filter views in the Coronium Core Webmin.

Enabling Scopes

You must run at least one User or Analytics method for the scope to be available in the Webmin. If the scope is not visible from the "Application Scope" dropdown menu, use the Update Scopes Cache option in the Webmin Config section.