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Status Codes

Error status codes can help you shape your application logic. The status code, if any, can be found in the response event when an error occurs, in the event status key.

Not all module methods return status codes. The default status of an error is -1.


-- client-side response listener
local function onResponse( evt )
  if evt.error then
    print(evt.status) -- error status code
    --no error



Code Description
600 User already exists.
601 User could not be created.
604 Registered User could not be found.
605 User requires server-side login.
614 Pending User could not be found.
620 OAuth provider already exists for user.
624 OAuth provider does not exist for user.


Code Description
701 Email could not be sent.
702 Email configuration is not set or invalid.
704 Email address not found or invalid.


Code Description
800 Result was invalid.
801 Mismatched parameter type.
804 Required parameter is missing.
810 General API error.
815 General Network error.
820 General IO error.
830 JSON decode failed.
831 JSON encode failed.


Code Description
901 Unauthorized database.


Code Description
1000 Scope name already exists.
1004 Scope was not found.

Custom Status Codes

If you are using a your own server-side API, you can pass a custom status code using the core.error method.